I am blown away at how bespoke and high quality the report is, and I am very impressed with the service!

Expert advice from the world's best doctors

Are you uncertain about your diagnosis or struggling to get one? Do you need help understanding your medical condition or are you having doubts about a treatment plan or surgery?

Expert Medical Opinion is designed to help you better understand any medical condition you may be experiencing and provide an expert opinion for any prescribed treatment plan or impending surgery you may have scheduled. 

You can have any physical condition reviewed by an expert, such as an injury or illness that affects your way of life, from heart conditions and cancer right through to back pain, skin conditions and severe migraines. As an Accuro member, you have access to the top medical experts in the world included as part of your policy.

The doctors that other doctors trust most

Since 1989, Teledoc Health has conducted the largest, ongoing peer survey in the medical industry, and the only Gallup-certified polling process of its kind, to identify the doctors that other doctors trust the most. The result of the Teledoc poll is a proprietary database of leading physicians — free from commercial and financial bias.

Teledoc Health does not pay expert physicians to vote or to be included in our database, nor do they pay us. A doctor cannot apply to become an expert; the only way for a doctor to be selected to the database is to be nominated and voted on by other experts.

For each case, Teledoc Health identifies the expert(s) from the network best qualified to work on your case. Specialists are typically affiliated with world-renowned hospitals across the USA but the current network contains over 53,000 physicians worldwide, representing more than 450 medical specialties and subspecialties.

Independent and confidential

Virtual Clinic is powered by Teledoc Health which means that all Virtual Clinic services are completely independent and confidential. Accuro will never see any of your communication with or results from the Virtual Clinic unless you choose to send it to us.

When to use Expert Medical Opinion

Are unsure about a diagnosis or need help deciding on a treatment option.

Have medical questions or concerns and want a leading expert’s advice.

Need help finding a local expert who specialises in your condition.

Just have a quick question?

You can use the Ask a GP service in the Virtual Clinic to ask a NZ based GP a medical question. They will get back to you within 24 hours. This service is free of charge.

What you will receive

Expert Medical Opinion will provide you with a comprehensive personal medical report including:

  • An overview of your condition
  • An in-depth explanation of your test results
  • Your options for treatment and the pros and cons of each
  • Further resources

Who is eligible?

Expert Medical Opinion is available to all Accuro members who hold a Hospital and Surgical plan.* There is no additional cost involved to use this service.

How to register

  • To register for the Virtual Clinic and access Expert Medical Opinion, you can either call them on 0800 425 005 or you can register online.
  • You will need your policy number. You can find this on your membership certificate.
  • Remember to verify your registration by responding to the confirmation email.

 Member Testimonials

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*Hospital and Surgical plans are by default on the following Accuro products: SmartCare, SmartCare+, StaffCare, StaffCare+, KidSmart, SmartStay, Major Medical Plan, Real Value Plan.