SmartStay is the only New Zealand health insurance product for people who are coming to visit or work on a visa valid for less than 2 years*.
SmartStay gives you all the benefits that you expect from a quality health insurance product including cover for urgent treatment in hospital, and also gives you the option to add cover for GP and nurse consultations as well as prescription drugs and laboratory tests.

Included in base plan

Optional plans

*On a work or visitor visa between 3 months and two years. If you have cover under New Zealand's public health system then you are eligible for our SmartCare range. This usually happens when you have held a work visa or visas for more than two years.

**Per claim

Medical care in New Zealand

The New Zealand medical system

The New Zealand health care system has three main components: ACC, the public system and the private system. They are designed to work together. It's important to know what you are eligible for and for what you aren't covered.

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Included in base plan

Hospital and Surgical base plan

Get cover of up to $150,000 for general surgery, $65,000 for hospital admission and $150,000 for oral surgery.

Benefits SmartStay

General surgery

Covers the costs associated with surgical treatment, including private or public hospital costs, surgeons’ and anaesthetists' fees, and specialist consultations and tests that occur in the year before and after the surgery.

$150,000 per claim

Private or public hospital medical admission

Covers the costs associated with admission to a private or public hospital for reasons other than surgery, such as non-surgical cancer treatment, respiratory or endocrine disease.

$65,000 per policy year

$25,000 maximum per course of treatment for non-surgical cancer treatment.

Major diagnostic procedures

Covers the costs of angiograms, MRI scans, CAT/CT scans, and MP scans up to their individual limits


Oral surgery

Covers the cost of oral surgeries, such as the removal of impacted or unerupted teeth (after 12 months), abscesses, cysts, soft tissue swellings and other medical (not dental) conditions of the mouth.

$150,000 per claim

Accuro Virtual Clinic

Have your questions answered by the best medical experts.


Minor surgery

Covers the costs for minor surgery performed by a GP, such as the removal of moles, cysts and toenails.

$500 per claim

Treatment outside New Zealand

Reimburses medical costs for a medically necessary surgical procedure that cannot be performed in New Zealand so has to be performed in a hospital overseas.

$25,000 per policy year

Travel and accommodation expenses are not covered.


Add dependants (children) onto your policy and they can remain on your policy until 25 years of age. Parents and spouses can also be added to your policy.


Optional plans

Specialist plan

Our most popular additional plan that speeds up the time to diagnosis by providing access to private tests and specialist consultations.

Benefits SmartStay

Specialist consultations and diagnostic tests

Covers the costs for visits to specialists such as cardiologists, gynaecologists and gastroenterologists, and diagnostic procedures like x-rays, ultrasounds, bone density scans, and mammograms.

$4,000 per policy year

Mental health consultations

Covers the costs for consultations with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

$1000 per policy year

Mental health consultations are included in the specialist consultation and diagnostic tests benefit. They are not a standalone benefit.

Optional plans

GP Plan

For more frequent healthcare costs such as doctor and nurse visits, lab tests and prescriptions.

Benefits SmartStay

GP and nurse visits

Covers the costs of GP visits, including home and after-hours visits, and registered nurse visits.

$80 per visit

$500 per policy year.

Laboratory tests

Covers the cost of laboratory tests.

$100 per policy year

Prescription drugs

Covers the costs of prescription drugs.

$20 per item

$300 per year.

Free-look period

When you join us you get a 14-day free-look period. If you change your mind during this period, and haven’t submitted a claim for anyone covered on the policy, we’ll refund any premiums you’ve paid.

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