Who recommends Accuro?

Independent studies by Perceptive Research, Colmar Brunton and other consumer experts give us the highest customer satisfaction, recommend us as best for product and price, as well as show that we are the preferred health insurer of insurance advisers.

What we do differently

  • We only do health insurance. That's why we are experts at it.
  • We are not for profit which means that we are working for our members, not shareholders.
  • Being with Accuro Health Insurance means that you can choose your own specialist.
  • Children on the policy can stay at child rates until their 25th birthday, that's four years more than other insurers.
  • You're covered for specialist consultations and diagnostic procedures for 12 months either side of surgery. Six months more than other insurers.
  • We provide faster responses, like pre-approving claims within 48 hours.
  • You can complete your entire application online (including underwriting) and be issued with a policy instantly.
  • We aren't Australian!

Active Insurance

We want to go beyond being a passive insurer by actively engaging with our members to help them stay healthy and well.