Insure your staff and you insure the future of your business

Business health insurance provides your people with security and peace of mind, should they fall ill or require medical help. When choosing a job or accepting a position, the quality, or the mere fact you have health insurance could determine whether you attract the best talent. In New Zealand, eight out of ten employees rate medical insurance as an important company benefit.

Getting health insurance for your staff is more affordable than you might think. In most cases, subsidised health insurance is less than 1% of your total salary bill. Any money you pay for premiums is offset by an increase in productivity – healthy staff are three times more productive than unhealthy ones.* An absent employee typically costs an employer $600 to $1,000 a year due to sickness. Staff with health insurance can return to work up to three months faster than those without access to private treatment.


Benefits of business health insurance    

Providing comprehensive health insurance for your staff can have a massive impact on your staff and your business.

  • Limit dips in productivity because your staff get back to worker faster.
  • Protect your staff from loss of income and your business from unexpected costs.
  • Prevent long term illness because you diagnose and treat early.
  • Provide staff comfort knowing they have prompt access to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Instil loyalty because your staff know they’re valued.
  • Give your business a competitive edge because you attract the best people.
  • Allow staff the option to customise their cover.

Why insure your staff with Accuro health insurance

Accuro actively engages with you at every step of your staff’s health insurance journey. We manage their health before, during and after illness strikes or need medical treatment. Our health insurance plans for medium and large businesses and small businesses offer a full range of benefits.

  • Cover for pre-existing conditions.
  • Cover for congenital conditions (from birth) if they’re diagnosed after three months of being born.
  • Access to Accuro Virtual Clinic for all members – a second opinion from the world’s leading specialists – at no extra cost.
  • Options to cover non-PHARMAC chemotherapy drugs.
  • Specialist consultations and diagnostic procedures for 12 months either side of surgery (six months more than other insurers).
  • Choose your own specialist.
  • Children stay on the policy until they’re 25 (four years more than other insurers).
  • Customise a policy to suit your needs. For example, family members can choose different excess levels or modules from each other.
  • Choose how much you want to cover - all staff, staff and families, etc. 

Accuro health insurance is good for business, but even better for your people.

*The Health of Australia’s workforce, 1 July 2011

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