Accuro policies provide different levels of cover and there are other optional plans you can add to provide cover for every day health services such as GP consultations. 

We can't cover every kind of medical condition and treatment, so we do have to exclude some things and these can be viewed in your policy document or in our General Terms & Conditions document.   

Below are some common queries, however, for full details of what is and isn't covered under your policy, please refer to your policy document.  

Does smoking affect my premium?

Yes, we offer lower premiums to non-smokers and smokers who have quit smoking for 12 months or more on some of our policies.

Is pregnancy covered?

Pregnancy is not covered by any of our policies as this is generally provided for by the public health system. 

We do however, provide a pregnancy loyalty benefit on some of our policies after 3 years of cover.

Are GP visits covered?

GP visits are not covered under our hospital plans, but you can add the GP plan that does provide cover for this.  The following plans are additional plans that can be added onto some of our hospital plans:

  • GP
  • Dental & Optical
  • Specialist
  • Natural Health

Are dental costs covered?

Some oral surgery procedures are covered under our hospital plans, but general dental costs are not covered.  You can add the Dental & Optical plan that does provide cover for dental treatment.  The following plans are additional plans that can be added onto some of our hospital plans:

  • Dental & Optical
  • GP
  • Specialist
  • Natural Health

What is a stand-down period?

A stand-down period is applied to some policies or plans such as our Dental & Optical plan that doesn’t allow you to claim for services within an initial period when you take out cover.  These stand-down periods are detailed in your policy document and once your stand-down period has ended you will be informed that you are now able to submit claims for services used after this period.

What if I have an accident and need surgery?

If your surgery is required due to the result of an accident or injury, then you need to apply for cover through ACC first.

If ACC decline your treatment, you can then contact us to seek clarification as to whether we would provide cover for the treatment. We may require some extra information from you which allows our lawyers to work on your behalf to seek a review through ACC.

Am I covered while travelling overseas?

Our health insurance cover is not designed for costs incurred whilst travelling overseas.  If you are looking to have travel insurance for an upcoming holiday or overseas trip, you can contact on 0800 500 225 and quote ACCURO to get a 10% discount off your travel insurance.  Terms & conditions apply.

Am I covered if I move to Australia?

Our SmartCare and SmartCare+ policies do provide reimbursement of medical costs incurred for non-acute (non-urgent) medical conditions that are treated in Australia.

We’ll reimburse the reasonable and customary charge for the treatment if it had been undertaken in New Zealand. We’ll pay you in New Zealand dollars.

Please refer to your policy document or contact us for any further clarification, prior to undertaking any treatment.