About this service

Find an Expert is a service provided in the Virtual Clinic powered by Teledoc. 

If you are looking for a local expert to discuss a medical diagnosis, condition or treatment plan, Find an Expert will help locate the right medical expert for an in-person consultation. We’ll recommend two or more top-rated medical specialists who meet your requirements and are in a convenient location for you to visit. 

Travel, accommodation, medical expenses and other associated costs are the responsibility of the patient and not included with Find an Expert.

Independent and confidential

Virtual Clinic is powered by Teladoc Health which means that all Virtual Clinic services are completely independent and confidential. Accuro will never see any of your communication with or results from the Virtual Clinic unless you choose to send it to us.

When to use this service

You can use this service to find a leading medical expert for an in-person consultation.

This service is not for acute situations. If you are experiencing a medical emergency or need urgent medical attention, please call 111.

Need a comprehensive review of your health?

If you have a question or doubt about your diagnosis or treatment plan, you might benefit from using Expert Medical Opinion. This service provides an in-depth analysis of your health by one of the best medical professionals in the world.

Who is eligible

Find an Expert and the Virtual Clinic are available to all Accuro members who hold a Hospital and Surgical plan.* There is no additional cost involved to use this service and you can access it as many times as you like.

How to register

  • To register for the Virtual Clinic and access Find an Expert, you can either call them on 0800 425 005 or you can register online.
  • You will need your member number, which you can find on your membership certificate.
  • Remember to verify your registration by responding to the confirmation email.

*Hospital and Surgical plans are by default on the following Accuro products: SmartCare, SmartCare+, StaffCare, StaffCare+, KidSmart, SmartStay, Major Medical Plan, Real Value Plan.