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Men's Health Week 

It's Men's Health Week. It's time to focus on us.  To care not only about ourselves but the other men in our lives.  To make changes that will improve our own lives and the lives of the women and children around us.

Do you want to lead a happier and healthier life so that you can be there as long as possible for your partner, your kids and your grandkids?

Well, then you probably need to make some changes.  And those changes start with removing some of those stereotypes we've been adhering to our entire lives because we were told that was how we were supposed to be.

Feeling even just a little bit sick, or strangely in pain?  Don't 'man up'. Go and see the doctor, it might actually be something serious.

Feeling like you can't get out of bed today and it's been going on for a while? Don't 'take a concrete pill and harden up'. Talk to someone about it.

See a friend looking like that?  Talk to him. But not in the old blokey way, actually sit down and show some compassion, empathy and kindness, let him know that he is not alone and that if he needs help then you are here to do exactly that: help him.

See your waistline slowly expanding?  Hit up some mates to start a new hobby that gets you outside and exercising whilst having loads of fun.

Getting a bit angry at your loved ones or anyone that annoys you? Look in to the real reason why and see how you can start making changes to stop that happening.  You probably can't tackle that by yourself, so ask for help, it's available.


Here's the thing: You are in charge my friend

Your health, your happiness, is 100% your responsibility, not your doctor's or your partner's or anyone else's.

We have to continue to challenge what it means to be 'a man'.  To look after yourself, to go see a doctor, to drink a little less, to care a little more, to take pride in your appearance or your health does not make you less of a man.  It actually makes you someone who cares about themselves and those around them, it makes you someone who wants to live a better quality of life for you and those close to you.

As it's Men's Health Week, maybe today is the day to start your new definition of what it means to be a man.

Ready to make some changes for your health?

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