bowelscreen v3

Change to offer

Due to continued issues with Covid outbreaks in Australia, where the bowel kit manufacturer and test centre are based, we have been experiencing delays with both international postal and courier services. This has impacted the timely arrival of all bowel kits and they are arriving too late for successful testing.

We’ve now sourced a new kit that you can use in your own home and it does not need to be posted to a test centre. You will receive the result of your test within five minutes.

Thank you for your patience while we have worked through introducing the new bowel testing kits.

Bowel Cancer is more common in the 50 years + age group, but around 300 people under the age of 50 are diagnosed each year.  We have had several members experience a positive test, which has resulted in further investigation and treatment.

Even if you don’t have symptoms you could still have an innocent growth called a polyp that could quickly develop into bowel cancer. Most of us don’t enjoy the thought of taking a ‘poo’ test but it’s quick and easy to do with the home bowel testing kits and it could save your life. 

Free bowel testing kits are available as a loyalty benefit on some policies. If you believe that you are eligible for a kit, please email us at to arrange delivery.