bowelscreen v3

Accuro has partnered with Clinical Genomics who have developed the easy-to-use Bowel Screening Kit and can be purchased by any Accuro member for the special price of $33.00 including postage.  The normal retail price is $62.99 plus postage.  

To order your kit please email us at

Bowel Cancer is more common in the 50 years + age group, but around 300 people under the age of 50 are diagnosed each year.  We have had several members experience a positive test, which has resulted in further investigation and treatment.

Even if you don’t have symptoms you could still have an innocent growth called a polyp that could quickly develop into bowel cancer. Most of us don’t enjoy the thought of taking a ‘poo’ test but it’s quick and easy to do with the home bowel testing kits and it could save your life.