At the start of this year, we sent out information to all members on the discounts available at Accuro and the eligibility criteria. We also identified two situations where changes to discounts had been made but were not appropriately communicated at the time. You can see this communication here. Our plan to refund impacted members was delayed by the cyber incident but now that we have restored much of our system functionality, we are able to calculate the premium owed to impacted Accuro members.

Direct Debit Discount

Background to Direct Debit Discount Changes

We offer a discount on payment by direct debit as we believe it is more convenient for members and also benefits Accuro by ensuring we receive payment promptly.

In September 2019, we reduced the discount for Accuro members paying by direct debit from 3% to 2%. This change was applicable from their next policy anniversary date on or after 1 September 2019.
However, the way we communicated the change to the discount was not sufficient. While the changed dollar amount did appear on the premium notification at the time, we did not make it clear that the percentage discount had reduced.


On 16 January 2023, we began contacting all members about discounts available at Accuro and the eligibility criteria. We identified the issue with the change to the Direct Debit discount.

On 20 July 2023, we began to contact impacted members and remediated the 1% difference in the discount from their anniversary following 1 September 2019, when the discount changed, through to either their last paid to date on Direct Debit (if they cancelled, suspended or changed payment method) OR their next Direct Debit following after the 16 January notification.

Direct Debit Discount Now

The current direct debit discount rate is 2% and will continue to apply to the premium of eligible members.


Low Claims Discount

Background to Low Claims Discounts Changes

Dependents are not eligible for the low claims discount on the Major Medical or Real Value Plan. In September 2019 we identified a number of instances where this discount was being applied and removed the discount from members who were not eligible. However, we did not sufficiently communicate this change with impacted members.


We have calculated the value of the Low Claims Discount from 1 September 2019 through until 16 January 2023, when we notified members of the discount eligibility criteria. We will be communicating with and remediating impacted members on 15 August 2023.