As you are aware, there are some delays in delivering the Accuro invoices to our group business schemes this month. We apologise for this delay.


On 19 May, our workplace health insurance charging and administration functionality went live in our new policy administration system, allowing our team to make changes to existing schemes. The team has been busy uploading the backlog of requested changes since the cyber event. With the new system in place and changes enacted up to 1 June, we can now begin to calculate the correct premiums owed each month and apply any necessary credits to accounts.

Delays in receiving invoices

One of the features of the new system is that each invoice will generate 30 days in advance, regardless of payment method. As the charging functionality went live on 20 June, the system has automatically generated a combined invoice for June, July and in some cases, August.

This has unfortunately necessitated a delay in delivering invoices as we manually separate each invoice into their appropriate periods and review each one for quality, clarity and accuracy. This will not be an issue for future invoices.

Reconciliation – credit amount

As above, now that we have processed change requests from the cyber incident up to 1 June, any outstanding or required premium will be reflected in the next payment. If money is owed, this will be applied in the form of a credit on the account.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at