Michaels cancer

Getting confirmation from a panel of experts in the field versus off the Internet, you put a lot more comfort in that.

— Michael

Medical concern and doubt

Given the history of prostate cancer in his family, Michael had been monitoring his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels over the past 10 years and even had a few biopsies done, which had come back negative.

But after his annual visit with his urologist, Michael found out that his PSA levels were high, which raised some concern. The urologist had Michael undergo an MRI on his prostate.

The results came back and the urologist said it looked like there was a specific area where there was a cancer. “It didn’t sound good,” Michael said. A biopsy further revealed that Michael had an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Michael underwent a bone scan to determine whether the cancer had spread, and after the results came back negative, Michael and his urologist discussed his options.

“They included hormone therapy, radiation, or removing the prostate itself,” he said.

Michael was apprehensive about proceeding with radiation due to potential complications and the chance of it being less effective should he need radiation in the future. His urologist booked him for surgery to remove his prostate, but before proceeding Michael felt he needed a second opinion to help confirm what his next steps should be.

Reaching out for an expert medical opinion

Michael had learned about the Virtual Clinic from a nurse through his insurer. With his surgery date booked, he reached out to the Virtual Clinic's Expert Medical Opinion team and it wasn’t long before he heard back. Michael said what impressed him most was
the speed with which the Virtual Clinic collected all his test results, including the MRI and bone scan results, and then delivered the report a few days before his surgery date.

“The Expert Medical Opinion was comprehensive and the good news was that they concurred with my urologist’s recommendation, his prognosis, and the course of action,” said Michael, adding that the Virtual Clinic team kept him informed throughout the process. “That made me feel pretty good.”


Michael also spoke on the phone with an expert who walked him through the report before his surgery date. Michael went ahead with the surgery to remove his prostate. He said he’s been recovering well since undergoing the operation a few months ago and will soon have his PSA levels checked. He mentioned that he has already recommended Virtual Clinic's Expert Medical Opinion to his coworkers, friends and family.

The Expert's report was comprehensive and the good news was that they concurred with my urologist’s recommendation.

— Michael

Want your own Expert Medical Opinion?

All Accuro members with a Hospital and Surgical plan have access to the Virtual Clinic and Expert Medical Opinion as part of their policy. There is no additional cost or limit on the number of times that you can use this service.

* In order to respect and maintain the patient’s privacy, some personal details have been modified. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and are not of the member.