Megans knee

Megan, 15, a previously active teenager, suffers from persistent left knee pain, which has significantly affected her quality of life as she is currently having to avoid playing the sports she loves.

Medical concern and doubt

Megan has been suffering from joint pain for the last 18 months, with daily pain in her left knee. She has been diagnosed with Osteochondritis Dissecans (OICD), which most often occurs in children and adolescents, and is when a small segment of bone begins to separate from its surrounding region due to a lack of blood supply. As a result of her persistent pain, Megan has been told her condition may take two to three years to improve and has had to quit all sports. Megan and her parents have been consulting with a local paediatric orthopaedic team who suggested a surgical option, but they have been reluctant to undertake this step.

Reaching out an Expert Medical Opinion

Megan’s parents had access to the Expert Medical Opinion Service within the Virtual Clinic through their Accuro health insurance policy. Although Megan’s parents understand the diagnosis, they are concerned with the continuation of her pain due to the condition and how to progress with treatment. They also wonder if they are doing the right thing by having their daughter undergo surgery.

The Expert Medical Opinion team assigned Megan’s case to an Orthopaedic Surgeon who is a department leader in a tertiary children’s hospital in the United States and who manages hundreds of these types of cases annually.

I am blown away at how bespoke and high quality the report is, and I am very impressed with the service!

— Megan's parents

A way forward

The Orthopaedic Expert reviewed Megan’s clinical history, radiology, and medical records and agreed with the diagnosis of OICD. The Expert felt this was a case where there was a need for surgical repair of the condition in order to improve function and to prevent further damage to the joint. The Expert provided Megan and her parents with a detailed description of the disease process, the proposed surgery – including the risks and benefits of it – and the expected rehabilitation. The Expert also encouraged a discussion of the recommended treatment plan with the treating local orthopaedic team.

Back to normal life

After reviewing the Expert Report, Megan and her parents felt greatly reassured about the direction they needed to take in Megan’s recovery process. A review appointment has been booked with the local orthopaedic treating team. Megan’s parents reported that they now have the confidence to discuss Megan’s proposed surgery with her treating team, and they have been reassured by the Expert that this is the right thing to do for her recovery and to help avoid further damage to her knee.

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