Leahs abdominal pain

Medical concern and doubt

Leah’s* chronic abdominal pain has negatively impacted her daily life and has caused a great deal of stress within her family. Not only has Leah had to miss numerous days of school due to her symptoms, but her parents have also had to take time off work in order to care for their daughter. Leah and her parents consulted a variety of local paediatric specialists and a diagnosis of chronic abdominal pain with an unknown cause was made. A series of medications have been proposed by the local treating team to try and control Leah’s pain.

Reaching out for an Expert Medical Opinion

Leah’s parents had access to an Expert Medical Opinion within the Virtual Clinic through their Accuro insurance policy. Understandably, they contacted the Expert Medical Opinion service to seek advice regarding Leah’s likely diagnosis and whether the current management plan is appropriate, or if additional measures can be taken to improve their daughter’s condition. Ideally, they would like an ongoing plan and a way off the various medications prescribed. The Expert Medical Opinion team collected Leah’s necessary medical records and history and assigned her case to a Paediatric Gynaecologist, a renowned specialist in their field.

It is difficult to overstate the impact of the Expert Medical Opinion Report we received. With over 30 visits to the Emergency Department in the preceding three years, there was no prospect of treating the underlying cause of the acute pain. It has been a life changing intervention.

— Leah's parents

A welcome discovery and a new treatment plan

The Expert gynaecologist reviewed Leah’s clinical history and reported that she was most likely suffering from endometriosis. The Expert recommended an operative laparoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis, noting that the selected surgeon must be experienced in adolescent endometriosis as it can appear differently to that seen in adult women. In addition, a continuation of oral contraceptive therapy following the surgery was advised.

Back to normal life

Leah and her family elected to follow the Expert gynaecologist’s advice, proceeding with the laparoscopy, which did in fact identify endometriosis. At the three-month follow up, Leah was five weeks post-surgery and has had almost complete resolution of her chronic pain. She is feeling significantly better and has resumed most of her normal daily activities. At follow up, Leah and her parents not- ed that they found the Expert Medical Opinion Report “really, really useful” in terms of helping them establish the diagnosis and find a solution for Leah’s previously undiagnosed abdominal pain. Days off school and work have significantly reduced, as has the stress and anxiety the family had been experiencing in relation to the uncertainty of Leah’s condition.

Want your own Expert Medical Opinion?

All Accuro members with a Hospital and Surgical plan have access to the Virtual Clinic and Expert Medical Opinion as part of their policy. There is no additional cost or limit on the number of times that you can use this service.

* In order to respect and maintain the patient’s privacy, some personal details have been modified. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and are not of the member.