In May 2021, we announced that we were making a significant investment into developing a new policy administration system to support improved innovation and efficiency whilst delivering faster and more personalised customer service.

The policy administration system is at the heart of Accuro’s day to day operations, including managing policies, onboarding new members, choosing and changing plans, pricing, processing pre-approvals and claims, and providing services to members.

A year on and we are getting close to the launch of this new system. As we get closer however, the time required from our staff to ensure that everything is ready for go live increases.

As a small team at Accuro, the additional work required to create, test and review the new system, in addition to our regular work, is having an impact on our ability to process requests from our customers within our usual fast turn-around times.

Our current turnaround times are:

Claims: 16 working days

Pre-approvals: 2-3 working days

General enquiries: 14 working days

What are we doing?

We have made changes to our hours and resources to try and move through this work, but the next few months will likely continue to see longer than usual turnaround times.

Recognising that most enquiries come via email from time to time we may reduce our phone hours. This ensures we are still here to help when you need us but outside these hours our team can focus on responding to your emails.

Any changes to our phone hours will be listed on the Contact Us page.

How you can help

You can help us to keep things moving efficiently by being patient with responses and not following up non-urgent items with further phone calls or emails (as this creates more correspondence to work through).

Please note that our team processes enquiries in order of oldest to newest with pre-approvals receiving priority.

We strongly recommend submitting requests through the online member portal where possible and checking for answers to common questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

You can self-service the following actions via our member portal:

  • Make a claim or submit a pre-approval
  • Make changes to your payment method or frequency
  • Update your contact details
  • View your most recent policy document and membership certificate
  • View a summary of your benefits
  • See a breakdown of your premium
  • Add a person to your policy (non-group plans only)
  • Suspend a policy

To register for the member portal, all you need is your email address and member number. If you need assistance, you can find more details here.

Thank you for your patience as we finish implementing this important technology change. We expect to see a significant improvement in the customer experience with the launch of our new system. We will continue to keep you updated and appreciate your continued support through this process.