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50 years in the making: Accuro's first ever TV commercial

As a small member-owned cooperative, we don’t have the same big budgets to spend on marketing campaigns as our competitors. So we are excited to announce that this year, on our 50th anniversary, we will be running a TV commercial for the first time ever.

We are running a seven-week television campaign starting Sunday 21 March. The TVC will be accompanied by matching Radio, YouTube, OnDemand ads and social media activity.

The campaign is aimed at New Zealander’s who are ready to buy health insurance but are still undecided on the best provider.  We want to stand out from our competition with ads that are simple, easy to understand and delivered with a bit of humour.

You can view the ads on YouTube by selecting one of the images below.

If you know someone who is up in the air about which health insurer to go with, send them to check out Accuro, New Zealand's Best Little Health Insurer.

Bent out of shape trying to decide which health insurer to go with?

Up in the air about which health insurer to go with?