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Two long-standing Wellington-based organisations dedicated to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders have announced a new partnership. Not-for-profit Kiwi health insurer Accuro is now the principal Air Ambulance supporter for the Life Flight Trust.

“Our air ambulances are basically flying ICUs, transporting critically ill Kiwis 24/7 to the specialist hospital treatment they urgently need,” says Mark Johnston, Life Flight Trust Chief Executive. “This new partnership with Accuro for the specialist teams on board our two planes is excellent news and helps encourage further vital support after a challenging year for charities.”

We share the same philosophies, we are both not-for-profits and we are both dedicated to supporting the health of Kiwis in tough times.

— Lance Walker, CEO of Accuro Health Insurance

“We share the same philosophies, we are both not-for-profits and we are both dedicated to supporting the health of Kiwis in tough times,” says Lance Walker, CEO of Accuro Health Insurance. “We are also providing health insurance cover for their air ambulance staff, so if they do need medical care themselves, they can receive it as soon as possible and get back to their critical life-saving work.”

The Life Flight air ambulances cover the entire country, quickly transporting patients to the care that could save their lives. Each plane is equipped and staffed by specialist doctors and nurses to intensive care standards, and also has capacity for up to four family members to stay with the patient all the way.

Life Flight coordinates a full bed-to-bed service, taking care of all logistics and providing the aircraft, equipment, and expert medical teams. They fly four emergency flights on average each day and have already completed over 1,000 missions in 2021.

“We are delighted in Accruo’s 50th anniversary year to be onboard as the principal supporter of Life Flight’s air ambulances. It’s a great fit as both our organisations have been dedicated to achieving the best health outcomes for Kiwis for close to 100 years collectively,” says Walker. “I would encourage all New Zealanders to support the fabulous work Life Flight do.”


About Life Flight

Life Flight’s purpose is to help save lives by providing outstanding aeromedical care to people in need.  Based at Wellington International Airport, we are a lifesaving charity providing time-critical care to people across New Zealand. Every six hours we are called to a medical emergency, and over the past 45 years we have helped around 40,000 people.  None of this would be possible without the generous support of New Zealanders.