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Second opinion

Not sure about your diagnosis or suggested treatment? Ask Best Doctors for a second opinion. They will obtain and evaluate your medical records and provide certainty of your diagnosis and treatment or recommend alternative treatment options.

Doctor Online

Ask a question about a medical condition and a New Zealand-based GP will provide you with a personal answer within 48 hours.

Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert to review any condition, injury or illness that affects your way of life, from heart conditions and cancer right through to back pain, skin conditions and severe migraines.

Find an Expert

Best Doctors can help you find a leading local specialist for your condition, so you can arrange a face-to-face consultation.

Online health resources

Access a wide range of online health tools, such as a symptom checker, health calculators and an extensive video library providing explanations on a range of conditions and illnesses.

How Best Doctors works

Register with Best Doctors in a few quick and easy steps, and take advantage of this valuable service.

1. First Create a profile.
2. Enter your first and last names.
3. Select Health Insurance in the How do you have access to Best Doctors field.
4. Enter Accuro as your insurer.
5. Enter your personal details and create a password.
6. Select Verify email.
7. Finalise registration by clicking on the verify link we send you in a confirmation email.

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If you need the services of Best Doctors now then simply call them on 0800 425 005

Why use Best Doctors

Accuro is the only health insurer in New Zealand offering Best Doctors to all members on a Hospital plan. Best Doctors provides you with these services.