Expert Medical Opinion

Do you need help understanding your medical condition or are you having doubts about a treatment or surgery?

Contact Best Doctors and they can provide guidance and support whilst helping you obtain an expert opinion from a leading global medical expert so you can be reassured about what the best way forward would be for your health outcomes. 

You can have any physical condition reviewed by an expert, such as an injury or illness that affects your way of life, from heart conditions and cancer right through to back pain, skin conditions and severe migraines.

Best Doctors can also help you find a leading local specialist for your condition, so you can arrange a face-to-face consultation.

How to register

Best Doctors is available to all Accuro members who hold a Hospital and Surgical plan.*

To register with Best Doctors you can either call them on 0800 425 005 or you can register online.

Notes for registering online

When you are prompted to answer "How do you have access to Best Doctors," list Health Insurance and enter Accuro as your insurer.

Remember to verify your registration by responding to the confirmation email.

*Hospital and Surgical plans are by default on the following Accuro products: SmartCare, SmartCare+, StaffCare, StaffCare+, KidSmart, SmartStay, Major Medical Plan, Real Value Plan.