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Accuro Portal - How to Register

Registering for the Accuro member portal is quick and easy and enables to you do the following:

  • Submit Claims & Pre-approvals
  • View your current policy document
  • Check your current premium
  • Update your contact details

Here's how to Register:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click ‘Login’ (top right-hand corner)
  3. Click 'Register'
  4. Enter your member number and the email address that is listed on your policy 

You will receive an email to confirm that your portal account has been created along with a link to set up your password.

The email link will only remain valid for 24 hours, so please set up your password immediately.


Important notes

  • Your member number is required to register and can be found on your Membership Certificate and any emails from us
  • Your email is also required to register and this is the email address that is listed on your policy and the one you receive emails from us on 


We have also created a short video of how to Register for the Accuro Portal