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From 1 September 2018, our new policy enhancements will be available on our plans. These changes will apply on the anniversary date of your policy with Accuro. For example, if the anniversary date of your policy is on 1 February 2019, the enhancements will not be applicable to your policy until 1 February 2019.


See below for the key changes

Policy documents - 1 Sept 2018


SmartCare changes

SmartCare+ changes

SmartStay changes

KidSmart changes

StaffCare changes

StaffCare+ changes

StaffStay changes


Legacy products (no longer on sale)

Major Medical Full changes

Major Medical Hospital changes

Real Value Plan Full changes

Real Value Plan Hospital changes

Basic & Advanced changes

Value Plus changes


SmartCare policy 

SmartCare+ policy

SmartStay policy

KidSmart policy

StaffCare policy

StaffCare+ policy

StaffStay policy


Legacy products (no longer on sale)

Major Medical Full policy

Major Medical Hospital policy

Real Value Plan Full policy

Real Value Plan Hospital policy

Basic & Advanced policy

Value Plus policy



2017 Policy Documents

2017 Accuro Plans

HSWS Legacy Plans











Basic and Advanced plan

Major Medical

Major Medical Hospital


RVP Hospital

Value Plus 





Useful Documents

Group payment method form

Group short application

Application form

Day to Day application form (existing Accuro members)

Day to Day application form (new Accuro member)

Making changes (short application form - individual)

KidSmart application form

KidSmart short application form

Claim form

Medical report

Pre-approval form

Payment method form

Declaration of health form

Additional participants form


Prosthesis Schedule

General terms and conditions 2018

Complaints flow chart

Surgery checklist