2023 Policy Updates

September 2022 Updates

New policy documents have been uploaded to the website for our 01 September 2022 release. Please find below a summary of the changes to policy documents and a summary of the increases to rates this year compared to last.

Health Insurance premiums generally go up annually due to a number of factors such as the increasing age of members on the policy and the rising claim costs that come with advancements in medical procedures, technology and treatments. As Accuro is a not-for-profit member based cooperative, we genuinely strive to keep these increases to a minimum as best we can.

To help manage our premium increases, we have kept policy enhancements and changes to a minimum with most of the changes that have been made designed to help make our policy wording clearer and easier to understand.

We have listed out the more significant changes that have been made to each Accuro policy in the file below.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Previously, we made changes to our policy documents following our AGM in December 2021. Please see below for a summary of these changes.

Policy changes September 2021

Update to Prophylactic surgery benefit

In 2020, we removed the Prophylactic surgery benefit from being included within the General Surgery benefit to now being its own stand-alone benefit. We also widened this benefit to provided more cover for prophylactic surgeries, however they still must fall under the terms and conditions of the policy as well as meet the criteria set out in the Prophylactic surgery eligibility criteria, which can be found below.

You may also see some changes in our underwriting due to the increase in cover under this benefit. Please note this benefit is for risk-reducing procedures or procedures intended to prevent disease. If the member was to experience symptoms of the condition itself then this would not fall under the Prophylactic surgery benefit and so any exclusion in relation to this benefit would not be relevant.