Reduced mental health is now the primary cause of lost working days in most Westernised countries and that the related at-work productivity loss (i.e. ‘presenteeism’) can be 1.5 times greater than the cost of absenteeism.

— Worksafe NZ

Adviser opportunities with Mental Health Assist

Access to Mental Health Assist is a unique selling point for bringing new business to Accuro. No other insurance provider in New Zealand is offering this service to its customers.

Mental health costs the NZ economy $12 billion each year or 5% of GDP. As well as consideration for lost productivity, WorkSafe specifies that businesses have a responsibility to ensure the psychological wellbeing of its people.

This is a compelling reason for any business to include mental health in their people and financial planning, especially in the public sector and construction industry which have above average incidences of mental illness.

There is an additional opportunity to upsell the Specialist plan to existing groups. We will work with you on this, both now and at renewal.

Important information

  • Mental Health Assist is available to all Accuro individual or group members with the Specialist plan. 
  • Members can access Mental Health Assist regardless of any exclusions on their policy.
  • There is no extra cost for this service. As well as having access to Mental Health Assist, members can (where eligible) access the $500 mental health consultation benefit that comes with the Specialist plan.
  • Mental Health Assist can only be accessed by and for those 18 years or older. This service is currently not available for children.

Find out more

For details on what the service involves and how to access it, see our web page.

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Please note that earlier resources refer to Mental Health Navigator which has been renamed Mental Health Assist.