Accuro members talk about Mental Health

Life is unpredictable and sometimes you just need to talk about what’s going on, confidentially, from wherever you’re most comfortable. Whether it’s family responsibilities, balancing more work assignments, having to find a new job, or the uncertainty of everyday life, you may be feeling overwhelmed, down, stressed and not like yourself. Whatever you may be facing, you’re not alone.

Mental Health Support is for everyone.

“I live in a rural area and have little access to mental health services. Thanks to the Virtual Clinic, I was able to get support from the comfort of my home. I am so satisfied with the results and support I have received thus far. Without the Virtual Clinic, I would have never reached out for care.”

- Hunter

“I literally account Mental Health Assist with saving my mind, my soul and my life. Everything happened so fast. I found this the most efficient way to get the support I needed— while sitting at my dining room table in my pyjamas! Mental Health Assist was a life changer in my time of need.”

- Shelly

Nadia talks about her experience using Mental Health Assist (previously known as the mental health navigator).

“Having someone show care and compassion and to ask the right questions at the right time (probing but not invasive) was very much appreciated and confidence building. Instead of feeling like I had fallen through the cracks and unable to navigate my way through, I now feel my recovery is on a positive, purposeful track. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

- Tracey

“Mental Health Assist has been absolutely phenomenal. This is the first time I have ever asked for help with this sort of thing. After the very first call I felt empowered, knowing I had a treatment plan moving forward”.

- Pete

Most people seem to be intimidated by talking about their feelings, but once they start, their fears go away, and they begin to see things differently and are able to face challenges in ways they didn’t think were possible.

— Gustavo Kinrys, MD (Director of Mental Health, Teladoc Health)

“The Mental Health nurse listened to my concerns and actually took her time explaining everything to
me. I felt understood and informed after my first visit. I recommend Mental Health Assist to all my family and colleagues”.

- KC

“I felt such relief after the FIRST call. The team was a lifeline. I want everyone who is having problems to know about the Mental Health Assist service—this has been life-changing for me.”

- Shane

"The first phone call was a very positive first step. The best part of the program was the fact that they made you feel so comfortable. I found that I was becoming myself again. I started spending time with family and friends. I now know how to handle my anxiety when I do get it."

- Nadia

Your mental health matters.

  • Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed
  • Been diagnosed with a mental health condition but aren’t improving
  • Never spoken to anyone about your mental health and want help

Get started. Contact us today.

A qualified nurse will be with you every step of the way.