MHAW Monday

Why learn something new?

Just because you may no longer be at school or studying doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep learning.  Engaging your brain and learning something new can give you a feeling of satisfaction and confidence of what you are capable of achieving.  And it's important at all stages of life, no matter how old you are.  Learning new things helps exercise your brain in ways that you may not have for a while and there is growing research to support the need for keeping our brains active and challenged in order to help prevent conditions such as dementia.

Learning also can help fuel our creativity. It's amazing how ideas can come from seemingly unrelated things. Learning something new in one area of our lives can trigger ideas in another.

Increasing the opportunity to keep learning

There are opportunities for learning all around us. Simply listening and paying close attention to what others say is a great way of learning.  After all, no one knows everything.  So why not learn from other people's skills, knowledge and experience.

Take a moment and think about what things interest you.  Try something completely new or rediscover an old interest, sign up for that night course you have been putting off, explore the opportunity to take on a different responsibility at work, fix a bike, learn to play an instrument or how to cook your favourite meal. Set yourself a challenge you will feel proud of achieving. 

Additional ideas for how you can keep learning

  • Learn another language.
  • Search for learning opportunities based on your role, capability, topic or keyword.
  • Learn a musical instrument.  If you have children then is there an instrument you can learn and play together?
  • Explore free online learning courses.
  • A fun thing to try might be a skills swap with a friend or workmate.  See if you can find someone who has a skill or knowledge you’d like to learn and in return share a skill of your own with them.  
  • Take up a new hobby or skill in an area that interests you.
  • Think of something you can learn that you'll be able to do outside to embrace the outdoors, like a new sport or activity.  
  • Rekindle an unused skill from yesteryear such as riding a skateboard or flying a kite. 
  • Or relearn an old game like Hopscotch or Elastics that you can teach your kids or someone unfamiliar with the game.

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