A game-changing health insurance solution

Health Underwriting Goes Online (HUGO) is our intelligent underwriting engine developed by Accuro and Intelligent Life. The platform is a world first and a game changer for the industry as it can provide instant, personalised health insurance.

The benefits

The intelligence behind HUGO and its ease of upfront use, provides you a range of benefits.

  • Enjoy a much faster, personalised experience.
  • Answer only those questions relevant to you.
  • Receive instant cover instead of waiting for days or weeks.
  • Avoid the stress and monotony of filling out endless forms.

How it works

HUGO guides users through a series of simple underwriting questions, but is powered by complex system that presents users only with the questions they need. This saves time on pages of form filling, while only going into detail where necessary.  This means that you only have to focus on those questions that matter to you and avoid all those unnecessary ones you’d encounter with traditional underwriting.

When you get to the end of the questionnaire, you will receive an instant offer for healthcare insurance. The automated underwriting system can also identify if you require extra attention and refer you to an experienced, human underwriter.

How you can use HUGO

HUGO is available to members of the public and financial advisers via the Get a Quote tool on the Accuro website.

HUGO awards cropped
HUGO award night - Gavin Rutherford (GM Sales & Marketing), Jason Withell (Senior Underwriter), Tony Haycock (Board Chair), Marion Cooper (Regional Business Manager - Auckland)

Accuro won the Innovation of the Year award for HUGO at the
New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards - November 2018