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As of 02 June, the Accuro team have returned to working from our office. Our services continue as normal. As with all of New Zealand, please expect delays on posted items.

We will use this page as a central source for all of our updates so please check back regularly.

Exclusive Accuro services that you can use now

Best Doctors

Many elective surgeries were rescheduled due to lockdown but most facilities are now back up and running at some capacity. If you are considering an operation or have questions about your treatment plan, you can use this opportunity to get a second opinion from one of the world's leading experts, for free. Best Doctors is available to all those with a Hospital and Surgical plan.
Find out more about Best Doctors here.

Ask a GP online

Our Best Doctor’s service also includes an entirely free virtual medical service. You can use this service from your home to ask a GP online a medical question, review a health condition or ask an expert any health related questions that you might have. Best Doctors is available on Accuro Hospital and Surgical plans. 
Find out more about Best Doctors here.

Mental Health Navigator

There is a lot of pressure on people right now. Under our Specialist plan, you have access to the Mental Health Navigator. This is a free virtual service that you can access from your home. You can add this plan by sending this form to Available on Accuro Specialist plans.
Find out more about the Mental Health Navigator here.

Improve your health

The free Accuro Health Hub is an online platform full of information, advice and activities designed to support and improve your health and wellbeing. It’s available for all Accuro members and their families.
Register for Health Hub here.

How you can keep things running smoothly

Our priority is to ensure that we can still provide our members with the services that you need, regardless of where our staff are located.

You can however, help us to keep things moving quickly and efficiently by doing the following things:

  • Register for the online member portal
    And make sure that your contact details are up to date. This will allow you to enter and review claims, update your address and review your policy online. You can do this here
  • Submit your claims via the online member portal
    This is the fastest way to get your claim processed. Alternatively, you can take a photo of your receipts and email them to us at along with your claim form
  • Receive your claim reimbursement by direct bank transfer
    This is the fastest way to receive reimbursement for your claims. When you submit your claim, please provide the details of the account to which you would like this paid.

Please note that our ability to send physical mail is very limited at this time. This includes bowel screening kits. As much as possible, we will send documents by email. Where this is not possible, we will send correspondence once we are able to return to the office.

We are still able to receive mail.

Cover for Covid-19

Covid-19 is being managed through the public health care system and New Zealand citizens, residents or visitors are all eligible for free treatment. You are not however able to claim for treatment or conditions arising from Covid-19 under an Accuro health insurance policy.


New Zealand has moved to alert Level 2. Both public and private health care services are beginning to resume full services but many elective surgeries are still delayed. If yours is one of them, please see below for what you can do.


At Accuro, your pre-approval is valid for six months from the date of issue. As long as your surgery is rescheduled within this period, you do not need to apply again. If it moves outside of the six-month period, let us know and we can re-assess.

Phone or video consultations

The same benefits for a GP or Specialist consultation still apply to you regardless of whether that consultation is in person, by video call or by phone. Please be aware that the policy terms and exclusions will still apply, just as they would with a face-to-face consultation.

Claims submitted before the lockdown

The Accuro team is still working so claims submitted before the lockdown will continue to be processed over this period.

Suspension Options

We understand that now is an uncertain time. If you need a break from paying your premiums, you can suspend your policy for up to six months. During the suspension period, you will not be able to claim but you will also not need to pay your premiums. The benefit of suspending your policy is that when you are ready to resume cover, you will not need to repeat the underwriting process. You will also maintain any pre-existing conditions for which you were covered.

Benefits of suspension

While suspending a policy means that a member will not be able to claim during that period, it does mean that they will be able to retain their existing cover and loyalty benefits. Additionally, they will not be required to pay any premiums.

If members choose to cancel their insurance, a new application will require full underwriting. They may lose any pre-existing conditions for which they had cover and time bound exclusions will reset. They will also lose any loyalty benefits for which they were eligible. Additionally, should any new condition develop over the period that they did not hold a policy, these may also be excluded on a new policy.

More details around suspension can be found in the relevant policy document or contact your Accuro Business Development Manager directly to discuss suspension options.

How to suspend your policy

Simply get in touch with us by phone or email ( and let us know that you would like to suspend your policy due to the covid-19 situation and for how long.