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Coping with more Covid-19 cases

It's normal to feel disappointed or anxious about the future but we will get through this by following regulations and taking a proactive approach to protecting our mental and physical health.

Follow the tips below and access our resources for further advice. 


It's normal to feel disappointed or anxious about the future. However, we have been here before and you could say these are precedented times. We will get through this again by staying calm, reframing our thinking and trying to find the positives of lockdown and increased alert levels. Below are some tips and resources to help you manage your anxiety and look after the mental and physical health of you and your family.

1. Remain calm and avoid the urge to panic buy and stockpile

While it's important to make sure you have everything you need for the immediate future and ideally a mask, the supermarkets, dairies, and some local food distributors will remain open during all alert levels.  

2. Stay informed by credible news sources but to a point 

It's important to stay informed on the current situation and any changes to the alert level in your area, however, use credible news sources and updates through TV1 or TV3 news and limit this to main updates. 

3. Follow the guidance and regulations for all alert levels with kindness

Everyone is impacted by this situation and failing to comply with the regulations risks your own safety and those around you. You can inform yourself of what each alert level means here

4. Check on your loved ones, especially those at risk 

Calling those at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 or poor mental health is important. Those at a higher risk include the elderly, pregnant women, people with a compromised immune function, and those living alone. This not only helps boost their mental health but checks they understand the need to stay home and follow the regulations. Offer to deliver groceries or other supplies needed if you can. 

5. Reflect on what you enjoyed about lockdown or what you could improve on

Whether it was more time with your household, a chance to rest or cook the meals you enjoy or just getting out more for daily exercise, embrace it! If you didn't do too well during the first lockdown now here's a second chance to improve your habits and try to benefit from forced time at home. 

6. Download the contact tracing app 

The NZ COVID Tracer is a Ministry of Health app that allows you to create a digital diary of places you visit by scanning the official QR codes. This will help contact tracers to quickly identify and isolate anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 if there is a further outbreak in New Zealand. Downloading the contact tracing app will not only help you keep track of your contact in the community but also the government if needed. The App is available through the apple store here or Google Play Store here.