Is the transfer complete?

Yes, Accuro was transferred to UniMed on 31 May, following the approval of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) earlier this year.

What does this mean for Members?

In practical terms, you won’t notice much, if any, change. The portfolio transfer means Accuro Members are now UniMed Members and UniMed is now listed as the insurer on your policy. Your points of contact at Accuro remain the same and you can reach us the same way as always.

If you pay your premiums manually, you’ll need to change the bank account you have saved. Please refer to the letter Accuro and UniMed have recently sent with the new bank account number.

Give us a call if you need help with this 0800 222 876.

Will this affect my policy, cover or benefits? 

No, the transfer has no impact on your policy, cover or benefits. The only change is that your policy lists UniMed as your new insurer.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my policy or a claim?  

You can keep contacting us in the usual way by using 0800 222 876 or emailing

Claims can also be made in the same way you always have via our member portal, or via email to or post to PO Box 10075, Wellington 6140. If you have a claim or pre-approval that has already been sent to us and/or accepted, then this will be processed as usual.

Have Members been notified of the transfer?

All Accuro policy holders were sent confirmation that the transfer was proceeding in late May.

What happens to the Accuro Health Insurance Society? 

The Accuro Health Insurance Society will be wound down by the Accuro Board in due course.

Has Accuro been taken over? 

No. The proposal for Accuro to join UniMed was developed in the best interests of Members as the cost and demand for healthcare increases. While the Accuro Health Insurance Society will be wound down by the Accuro Board, the Accuro brand will continue, and you will continue to receive the same cover and benefits as defined by your existing policy.

What new opportunities does this transfer bring?  

As the cost of healthcare services and demand for those services increases, we believe that the scale provided from being part of a larger entity provides the best opportunity to meet the challenges of increasing healthcare costs and premium affordability, and deal with unexpected operational and financial shocks that might occur. 

The bigger scale and financial strength of the combined entity also means we will be in a better position to develop new products and services and continue to innovate in the future.