What is SkinVision

The SkinVision app is intended to help you track the health of your skin and detect skin cancer at an early stage. SkinVision allows you to store photos and track changes to your skin over time. It serves as a helpful tool to guide discussions with healthcare professionals.

Based on a photo taken with your mobile device, SkinVision runs the mole, freckle or skin spot that you want to check through its algorithm and provides an instant risk level assessment. Based on the result, the SkinVision service recommends whether to visit a healthcare professional for further review.

SkinVision performs continuous quality control of the app with a team of algorithm and image recognition experts, in collaboration with dermatologists.

How do I get the SkinVision app?

  1. Go to www.skinvision.com/partners/accuro
  2. Download the app on your smartphone
  3. Contact Accuro on 0800 222 876 or membership@accuro.co.nz and ask for your SkinVision promo code
  4. On the app go to the settings icon on the top left corner
  5. Then select Add promo code and enter the promo code

Five minutes after the first photo, the app signalled my mole as high risk. A week later, I had my melanoma removed.

— Vicky Underwood, Accuro member

Accuro and SkinVision partnership

SkinVision and Accuro Health Insurance have enjoyed a partnership since 2017 and together have enabled over 1,200 Accuro members to check their skin. So far, Accuro members have performed 3,025 skin checks, leading to the detection of 27 skin cancers.