Jo Gauci, Mental Health Nurse

Let’s start normalising people having problems. The more normal we can make that, the easier it is for people to open up and talk

— Mike King ONZM

What is the Mental Health Navigator?

If you or a loved one is facing depression, anxiety, or a related condition and feel like your current treatment plan isn’t working or your condition isn’t improving, the Mental Health Navigator (MHN) by Best Doctors and Accuro can help.

Taking the first step towards getting help can be complicated due to time, cost and availability of mental health professionals - that's why Accuro provides the Mental Health Navigator (MHN) to all Accuro members with a Specialist plan. The Mental Health Navigator is designed to break down barriers by providing fast, comprehensive and confidential access to a team of mental health professionals. 

Accuro is the only health insurer in New Zealand offering this service to its members.

The MHN will connect you to a team of health professionals including a nurse, psychologist and psychiatrist. This team will review your condition, make a diagnosis, review an existing diagnosis and treatment plan and make recommendations for future steps. The mental health nurse will continue to support you once you have completed the process of going through the navigator.

The navigator doesn’t include follow up visits to psychologists or psychiatrists but mental health consultations are a benefit on all Accuro Specialist plans.

Who is Mental Health Navigator for?

  • you are feeling a little overwhelmed and unable to cope as you normally would
  • you are struggling with stress, anxiety or depression
  • you are unsure about a diagnosis for a mental health condition
  • you don't have a treatment plan but have been diagnosed with a mental health condition
  • you have a mental health issue but have not seen a mental health professional

The MHN is not the best tool for dealing with acute situations. If you are concerned about the immediate safety of yourself or a loved one, you should call 111 or one of the helplines listed at the bottom of this page.

To use MHN, you will need to:

  • Have an Accuro Hospital and Surgical plan with the Specialist add on plan.*
  • Be over 18 years of age

How does Mental Health Navigator work?

Step 1 - Start a case

When you call the 0800 number you will go through to Jo, a mental health nurse.  Jo will talk with you by phone and again through video call a few days later to further understand what you are going through.

Step 2 – Collect information

MHN will gather your medical history and complete a clinical summary before quickly matching you with the right team of experts.

Step 3 – Expert review

Your assigned expert team, consisting of a leading NZ registered psychiatrist and psychologist, will meet with you by video call to assess your condition.

Step 4 – Report and support

Jo will call you to discuss the expert’s findings and provide a detailed report outlining your diagnosis and best treatment options. Jo will then help guide you into the recommended treatment plan and provide ongoing support.

Important information

  • MHN is available on the Specialist plan.*
  • You can access the Mental Health Navigator regardless of any exclusions on your policy.
  • There is no extra cost for this service and as well as having access to MHN, there is a $500 mental health consultation benefit included in the Specialist plan. We recommend that you check your eligibility for this benefit before attending any consultations. You can do this in the member portal or by calling us on 0800 222 876.
  • MHN can only be accessed by those 18 years or older. 
  • If you don't have the Specialist plan - simply complete this form and email it to to have it added and gain fast access to MHN.

Call Mental Health Navigator now on 0800 425 005 to get started.

*Hospital and Surgical plans are by default on the following Accuro products: SmartCare, SmartCare+, StaffCare, StaffCare+, KidSmart, SmartStay, Major Medical Plan, Real Value Plan.

The Specialist plan is an add on plan that is not selected by default on your policy.

To check what plans you have on your policy, see your membership certificate or login to the online Accuro member portal.

Where to find additional help and support

If you are concerned about the immediate health and safety of yourself or a loved one, call 111.

  • Need to Talk? - Call or text 1737
  • What's Up - 0800 WHATS UP (0800 942 8787)
  • Lifeline - 0800 543 354 or (09) 5222 999 within Auckland
  • Youthline - 0800 376 633, text 234, email or online chat
  • Samaritans - 0800 726 666
  • Depression Helpline - 0800 111 757
  • Suicide Crisis Helpline - 0508 828 865