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Do you have between 5-14 staff?


If you do, then you are eligibile for StaffSmart, our specialty group plan for tiny but mighty teams. It’s not surprising that health insurance is one of the most desirable employee benefits offered by employers. It helps your business gain a competitive edge in the job market, along with healthier, loyal and more productive employees. Now it doesn't matter what size you are.

Building your health insurance plan

Every one of your employees will get the base plan and then they can add on one of our module plans to suit their needs.

Essential Care base plan
Covers your employees for the larger expenses including surgery (an operation or procedure to treat a disease or an illness) and private hospital admission (treatment in a private hospital without the need for surgery). 

Specialist Care plan
Cover your employees for specialist consultations and a wide range of diagnostic tests that do not result in hospitalisation. 

Everyday Care plan
Ideal for those seeking cover for more frequent healthcare costs. It covers your employees for doctor and nurse visits as well as prescriptions. 

Read more about it in the policy document.

Better yet, talk to one of our team (obligation free) on 0800 222 876 or speak to your adviser for more customised details.