Why Health Insurance is Important | Accuro NZ

“She’ll be right”

That’s the attitude many Kiwis have towards their most important asset – their health. We’re lucky to have a good public healthcare system in New Zealand, but if you develop a condition that isn’t life threatening, you might not receive the treatment you require straight away.

Maybe you’re thinking that it’s tough enough to put food on the table these days or keep a roof over your head. So why bother spending your hard-earned and hard-to-come-by cash on health insurance? Most of us insure our cars, boats and houses – everything except the body that pays for them.

How much can treatment cost?

A recent survey found 73% of adults in New Zealand would not be able to afford elective surgery costing $5,000 or more. Even if your condition is not life threatening, not being able to receive the treatment you require straight away could have a huge impact on your life.  Below are some indicative costs for common procedures.