How does health insurance work? 

Health insurance is one thing you can do to protect your health and wellbeing. It safeguards you and your family by making sure you have prompt access to health professionals should health problems arise. 

In New Zealand we are lucky to have a top public health system that does a great job in urgent situations such as accidents and emergencies. However, non-urgent cases, which could include major illnesses, treatment can include long and uncomfortable waits on public hospital waiting lists. These delays can prevent you from returning to your normal life sooner and that's where health insurance can help.

Choosing a plan 

We make selecting health insurance easy and affordable go to our health insurance quote tool to view your options.  



To qualify for Accuro Health Insurance, you must be a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident or hold a work permit in New Zealand valid for two years or more. If you’re a non-resident, we've designed our SmartStay plans for you, for which you only need a valid work permit/visa for New Zealand.   

Your medical history 

Health insurance provides cover for  health issues that occur after your policy begins. Don’t be concerned if you already have a medical condition, you will just need to provide us with as much information as possible in your application. See Understanding underwriting for more information about how underwriting and exclusions work. 


Our products have plans that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs and budget while still providing you with a comprehensive level of cover. You can also choose your level of excess. To read more about what we offer, see our SmartCare and Smartcare+ or SmartStay and SmartStay+ products, or go to our quote tool to custom fit your health insurance policy.

Choose your specialist 

We believe choice is important, especially when it comes to your health. That's why we have no preferred providers, letting you choose a specialist you feel comfortable with.