If you are coming to New Zealand to work, you may not be covered by New Zealand’s public healthcare system. Accuro is New Zealand's only provider of Health Insurance to visitors on a less than 2-year work visa. If you need health insurance for your immigration NZ requirements, SmartStay is for you.

You are eligible for SmartStay if you are in New Zealand and have a work visa for less than 2 years (if you have a visa for more than 2 years, you can take out our SmartCare health insurance). Your family can also be covered – all they need is a New Zealand visitor visa.

SmartStay covers you for just about every cost associated with treatment in a private or public hospital and operations or procedures to treat a disease or an illness.

With SmartStay, you will receive top-quality care you need when you need it no matter where you are from. 

Why have health insurance in New Zealand?

  • • You will be covered by the public and private health care system
  • • You can add your immediate family
  • • Cover the cost of operations
  • • Cover the cost of hospital
  • • With the specialist plan, you can see specialists
  • • On the GP plan, you have subsidised GP visits and prescriptions

  • Have a look at our SmartStay policy document for details.


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