Board of Directors

Members invited to attend Accuro's General Meetings

This year the Accuro Board are proposing the adoption of a new set of Rules for the Society. 

The new Rules do not impact on members policies but formalise the current approach to the terms of membership. Their aim is to ensure the administration and governance practices of the Society are up to date and reflect best practice.

Because of this we will be holding a Special General Meeting on 25 November to move adoption of the new Rules, with the confirmation vote (if the adoption of the new Rules is passed) to then take place at the Annual General Meeting on 9 December. 

Accuro members are invited to attend these General Meetings:

Special General Meeting

Thursday 25th November 2021 (11:00am – 11:30am)

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 9th December 2021 (3:30pm - 4:30pm)