CareHQ delivers face-to-face GP consultations to you and your family over the internet via a phone, computer or tablet when you're not able to see your regular GP.


Why CareHQ?

  • CareHQ is convenient

Seeing a CareHQ GP is super easy as consultations take place over your phone, tablet or computer. You could be at work, home or on holiday - in fact anywhere. Plus, CareHQ is available outside of normal practice hours.

  • CareHQ is home-grown

All the doctors at CareHQ are New Zealand registered GPs. In most circumstances, they can provide you with the medical care and advice you need, without having to travel to a clinic. But remember, if you require emergency care, please call 111.

  • CareHQ is a 7-7-7 service

The beauty of CareHQ's booking system is that you can choose to see a GP now, or book a consultation for a later date. CareHQ is open 7 days a week, 7am-7pm, which means you have access to a GP every day of the year. Simply choose an appointment that works best for you.

Get 10% off your GP consultation.

Call us at 0800 222 876 or email to get your coupon code.

How do I redeem my offer?

  1. Download the CareHQ app from App Store or Google Play
  2. Call us at 0800 222 876 or email to get your coupon code
  3. Enter the coupon code on the payment details before entering your card information

Find out more about CareHQ by visiting their website.