What is an excess?

An excess is the amount of money you will need to contribute towards the total cost of any claims you submit. We offer different excess options for our members to choose from, which can help make your premiums cheaper. 

How does my excess work?

Your excess is only applied once per individual insured, per policy year. For example, if the excess on your plan is $250 and we accept a claim for a CT scan costing $2,000, we will pay $1,750 and you will need to pay the excess balance of $250. If you then require an MRI within the same policy year costing $1,200, we'll pay the full $1,200. Our Hospital and Surgical plans provide a range of excess options. It's the ideal way to manage the cost of premiums while retaining cover for the more expensive private treatments. 

What excess options are there? 

There are a number of excess options and discounts available. Here is an example of the Hospital and Surgical excess for our SmartCare range of products. Should you choose a higher excess, you will receive a larger discount off your premium.