Accuro's 45th Birthday | Accuro NZ

Accuro commemorates 45th birthday by strengthening ties with the public health system

Not-for-profit health insurer Accuro, is celebrating 45 years taking care of New Zealanders – a huge milestone for the organisation that was started in the Wellington offices of the Hospital Boards’ Association in the old DIC building in Lambton Quay.

Accuro CEO, Geoff Annals, says Accuro is committed to providing and developing health insurance that makes healthcare accessible to all New Zealanders when they need it. This involves people being taken care of through both our public and private health systems. The public system does a great job dealing with acute care and accident treatments and the private system provides crucial support dealing with non-urgent treatment.

Accuro comes from the health sector and understands the importance of the privately funded healthcare sector working in support of the taxpayer funded public sector. The trouble is most people need help to pay for access to the private health system. Accuro overcomes this. “We are a membership fund where lots of people pool their funds and their risks so that when any member of Accuro needs access to private healthcare, Accuro can fund it. By taking care of each other Accuro members help the public health system to take care of everyone”, Geoff says.

A true New Zealand organisation – Accuro have no shareholders and are owned by every member that belongs. Having been started by health professionals, they have strong relationships with health unions, health professional and District Health Boards.

In 1971, free membership for student nurses was introduced and Geoff is incredibly proud of the fact that now Accuro not only offers a FreeStart plan for NZNO students, but also offers this to new DHB employees.

Originally you had to be a medical professional to access Accuro, but since 2007 Accuro has proudly opened its membership to everyone.

To mark the major milestone of 45 years, in July Accuro is giving new members, plus existing members who upgrade their plans the opportunity to win a trip to Vanuatu for you and the kids, courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu and Air Vanuatu. T & Cs apply.