Refer a friend and receive a $50 prezzy card!

The best type of compliment you can give us is telling your friends and family about Accuro Health Insurance. Now you can get a $50 prezzy card whenever you refer a friend to Accuro Health Insurance and they sign-up. All they need to do is mention you on the ‘how did you hear about us field?’ on their application form.

The more friends you refer the more prezzy cards you will get.

 Valid until 31 August 2016. 

Terms & conditions

1.       Prezzy cards will be dispatched 15 days after the friends policy is issued (after the 14 day free look period concludes).

2.       Only applies to the issue of whole new policies (not to additional plans or people on an existing policy).

3.       Reward does apply to staff and directors who refer.

4.       Agents (even if members) cannot be the referring member and receive Prezzy cards.

5.       Members via the broker channel can refer to friends either direct to Accuro or via their Broker.  The original member will receive the Prezzy card and if via the broker they will receive commission.